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There are no direct flights from Japan

Leading airline companies flying to Astana

Air Astana (via Beijing and Almaty), Lufthansa Airlines (via Frankfurt), Etihad Airways (via Abu Dhabi),
Austrian Airlines (via Vienna), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul) and Air China (via Beijing)

Example routs

  • ・Tokyo (Narita) → Incheon (Asiana Aviation) and then Incheon → Almaty → Astana (Air Astana) [Approx. 14 hours]
  •   Incheon to Astana (Air Astana) (*Flights on Tuesday and Saturday only)
  • ・Tokyo (Narita) → Beijing (Air China) and then Beijing → Astana (Air Astana) [Approx. 15 hours]
  • ・Tokyo (Narita) → Frankfurt → Astana (Lufthansa Airlines) [Approx. 23 hours]