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At the Japan Pavilion, an official app is available that will allow you to enjoy the exhibition on your smartphone.
The official app for the Japan Pavilion provides hands-on content that is linked with the exhibition videos played in the Japan Pavilion at EXPO Astana 2017. We hope that you will visit the Japan Pavilion and enjoy this unique collaboration of technology.

This app will respond to sounds in the pavilion and switch the screen to link with the exhibition videos.



It is possible to check whether your smartphone supports the video-linked content in the Japan Pavilion. Use the sample video on this page to check your smartphone before visiting the pavilion.

The following is the recommended operation environment for this app.
· iOS8.0 or later
· Android OS4.4-7.0
Please note that some functions may not be available depending on the model even in the recommended environment.
※Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
※Use of the iOS trademark has been licensed from Cisco USA.

Launch the app, tap the button on the bottom of the initial screen and follow the instructions.
Once the preparations are complete, play the video below.
If the message "App has successfully recognized the sound" appears on the app screen, the functional check is complete.


  • ⑴Move your smartphone closer to the microphone of the device that is playing the video.

  • ⑵The app displays the screen after recognizing sounds in the video, so do not cover the microphone on the smartphone with your finger while the video is playing.

  • ⑶Turn the video volume up.