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Yoshizumi Ishihara


Yoshizumi Ishihara was born in Zushi in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1962. He made his debut as an actor in the Shochikufuji movie Kyodan in 1984. Since then, he has appeared in many stage shows, movies, television dramas and more. He took on the challenge of the weather forecaster exam due to his interest in the weather, when growing up in Shonan, looking at the sky and the sea. He successfully passed his exam in 1997. He is also focusing his efforts on the natural environmental problems of the earth in addition to the four seasons and the weather of Japan. Furthermore, he has given many environmental lectures and symposia of government offices and local municipalities.

Utazo Katsura


Utazo Katsura was born in Osaka in 1964, and is a performer of Japanese rakugo, a traditional form of comedic storytelling.
He is currently active in many fields (e.g., magazine essays and television reporting) while actively serving on stage in event halls across Japan in addition to entertainment halls in Tokyo.
Furthermore, he has won popularity by actively taking part in performances overseas. He performed in the United States (Los Angeles and Seattle) in 2012 in English, in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in 2014, in Egypt and Kenya in 2015 and in Mongolia in 2016.

Tatsuo Kamon


Born in 1959, Tatsuo Kamon is a famous singer-songwriter in Japan. He was profoundly influenced by the 1970 Japan World Exposition (Osaka EXPO), and since then has been a passionate fan of World Expos. He served as the cheerleader for the Japan Industry Pavilion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai and as a supporter of the Japan Pavilion at EXPO 2015 Milano in Italy, performing live shows on occasions.

Mika Mifune


Mika Mifune was born on September 12, 1982. She is the eldest daughter of the actor Toshiro Mifune and the actress Mika Kitagawa. She attended an international school from kindergarten to high school due to the influence of her father who was a renowned international movie actor. She made her debut in a commercial for Bulgaria Yogurt in 1997. She won the Academy Prize Newcomer of the Year for her role as a leukemia patient with a shaved head in the movie Yujo. Since then, she has worked in various fields including movies, dramas, commercials and variety shows.

Denjiro Yonemura


Denjiro Yonemura was born in 1955, and is a Japanese "science producer."
He earned great acclaim at EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan, where he held his "Energy Classroom." Nowadays, he is widely active in various fields and media. In addition to planning and developing science experiments as a science producer, he also plans, supervises and appears in science shows and experimental classrooms at numerous locations and for various television programs and magazines.



Morizo is the grandpa of the forest. Kiccoro is the child of the forest. The two of them are forest spirits who dwell in the woodlands along the sea in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. They played an important role during EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan and then returned to the forest when the event ended. However, they have now returned to our world to support our ecological activities and to ponder environmental issues together with us. They have been active participants in the international expos held since the event in Aichi in 2005.


  • Japan Pavilion at the EXPO 2017 Astana has Closed(2017.09.12)
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  • Astana EXPO Japan Pavilion, The number of visitors exceeded 500 000 people!(2017.08.18)
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  • JAPAN DAY was held.(2017.07.22)
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  • EXPO 2017 ASTANA : A press conference was held by the Japan Pavilion 100 days before Astana EXPO 2017.(2017.03.01)
  • EXPO 2017 ASTANA : Three additional Japan Pavilion supporters have been appointed in 2017.(2016.12.06)
  • EXPO 2017 ASTANA : We held the signing ceremony for the confirmation of our participation in the EXPO.(2016.11.07)
  • EXPO 2017 ASTANA : We started recruiting visitor attendants at the Japan Pavilion.(2016.10.14)
  • EXPO 2017 ASTANA : The Japan Pavilion website is updated.(2016.06.28)



◆ Opening hours of the gate of Expo Site

Normal opening hours
9:00 am - 1:00 am (last admission : 10:30 pm)

◆ Information on admission tickets

Open date tickets for a working day
6,000 tenge
Open date tickets for weekend 6,000 tenge
Fixed date ticket for a working day
4,000 tenge
Fixed date ticket for weekend 4,000 tenge

Children under 6 years old can enter the exhibition venue free of charge.

Tickets are also available at large shopping malls all across Kazakhstan.

Tickets can be purchased by booking through the official website for EXPO 2017 Astana. Credit cards are required for payment.

Ticket reservations can be made from June 11th to September 9th . For details of the special prices and admission on the opening day, June 10, and the closing day, September 10, please visit the official website for EXPO 2017 Astana.

Visitors can receive various discounts and benefits by showing their identifications at the office near the expo entrance gate on the day of their visits. However, please note that this will apply only to Kazakhstani citizens and will not be applied to foreign residents.