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Commissioner General Japan Pavilion, Astana EXPO 2017

Tomiyasu Nakamura

中村 富安

 Japan will participate in the expo to be held in Astana, the capital of the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, from June 10 to September 10, 2017.
 Over the years, Japan has showcased our original ideas and solutions aimed at global problems shared by the human race at a great many expos around the world. We will now use that experience to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments of Japan, as well as our country's unique spirit of challenge, at EXPO 2017 Astana with its theme of “Future Energy.
 Our message will be that it is possible to achieve a low cost and stable supply of energy while ensuring safety and environmental conservation through a “Smart Mix with Technology.”
 We hope to communicate to the visitors of this expo from Kazakhstan and the rest of the world not only about Japan’s state-of-the-art technologies but also our nation’s society, culture, nature and other elements which comprise their background, in a way that is both fun and leaves a lasting impression.
 We hope to receive understanding and support from everyone with this event.


Production concept

The three colors that energetically jump out from the red circle that symbolizes Japan stand for “conventional energy,” “renewable energy” and “energy of the future.” Furthermore, the parts where these colors overlap represent an energy mix. Altogether, this logo represents moving upward toward the future as one.

JAPAN Astana EXPO2017


Exhibition Theme

Smart Mix with Technology

Utilizing Japan’s knowhow and spirit of challenge in future energy

Japan lacks energy resources. In order to solve the challenges of energy consumption and environmental problems that are increasing along with our economic growth, we have worked on the promotion of energy conservation, the introduction of new energies, and the reduction of CO2 emissions with the whole nation involved. We are also now re-doubling our efforts toward When guests from around the world visit Japan Pavilion, this "all-Japan spirit of challenge" will be on display for all to see.

In addition, we will showcase an image of Japan that is able to contribute to solving the world’s problems through our technological strengths in response to the theme of EXPO 2017 Astana – “Future Energy.”

*3E+S: This is our greatest initiative toward achieving the primary goal of energy security (E), while also realizing a low-cost energy supply through economic efficiency (E) and adapting to the environment (E) – all under the assumption of safety (S).

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Exhibition promotional video

This video will arouse a sense of interest and anticipation in an energy mix that will lead to the solving of problems on a global scale and Japan’s state-of-the-art technological strengths (including hydrogen technology).


Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry (METI)
Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology
(MEXT); Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and
Tourism (MLIT); and the Ministry
of the Environment (MOE)
Japan External
Trade Organization (JETRO)


It was held on Saturday, July 22. Thank you very much for your coming.



The concept of the design is “Future Energy,” and it is aimed to
allow the attendants to work energetically.

The color red, used to represent energy, is incorporated throughout the outfit. During this midsummer, the female attendants will be wearing a cut-and-sewn style top while the male attendants will be wearing a short sleeved shirt, with designs incorporating the image of Hinomaru (the national flag of Japan), paying tribute to both originality and traditional Japan. In addition, the colors white and blue are extensively used to help impart the feel of summer and a

refreshing air.
The symbol marks and colors of the Japan Pavilion are included on the ribbon of the hat, pocket squares and bags. All uniforms are also made of a high-stretch material to give attendants comfort and free movement. This is a high-functionality material capable of sweat absorption and quick drying while also preventing transparency.

Basic Style
Midsummer Style


◆ Opening hours of the gate of Expo Site

Normal opening hours
9:00 am - 1:00 am (last admission : 10:30 pm)

◆ Information on admission tickets

Open date tickets for a working day
6,000 tenge
Open date tickets for weekend 6,000 tenge
Fixed date ticket for a working day
4,000 tenge
Fixed date ticket for weekend 4,000 tenge

Children under 6 years old can enter the exhibition venue free of charge.

Tickets are also available at large shopping malls all across Kazakhstan.

Tickets can be purchased by booking through the official website for EXPO 2017 Astana. Credit cards are required for payment.

Ticket reservations can be made from June 11th to September 9th . For details of the special prices and admission on the opening day, June 10, and the closing day, September 10, please visit the official website for EXPO 2017 Astana.

Visitors can receive various discounts and benefits by showing their identifications at the office near the expo entrance gate on the day of their visits. However, please note that this will apply only to Kazakhstani citizens and will not be applied to foreign residents.